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Chelsea Flower show day 3


It’s friday night but I only know that from the date on my computer because it feels as if the past three days have been more than a week as so much has happened.  It’s truly exhilarating working in such an energised environment.  From arriving on the Embankment at 6.45 and joining the queue of lorries, vans and trucks waiting for the gates to open at 7am until leaving the site later that evening ( yesterday was close to 8pm ) the day feels like a cross between a long distance race and a brilliant party.  There are so many decisions to be made and things to check throughout the day that at one point this morning I just had to pick up a broom and sweep for a while as my brain just refused to work! I find that in times of high stress a mundane physical  activity can really calm the nerves and help you get back on top of things.

Last night I stayed late until everyone had left the site as I just wanted to experience the place on my own and enjoy a bit of it for myself as it might be the only chance I get.  Being in the the hospital grounds whilst all the build takes place is the highlight of my working life and to be working alongside a team of people like we have on this project is an immense privilege and something I will learn from far beyond these next few weeks.  The commitment, hard work and enthusiasm that has been brought by others to this garden is quite humbling.  A simple idea I had nearly two years ago is now becoming a reality and to see brick archways, stone walls and wells being built at last is not only flattering but bemusing too.  All these people are here because I thought I had a good idea and it’s the belief of others is that gives meaning to this and prevents it being a vanity project.