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Design to draw the eye.

I’m never sure where ideas should come from.   I’ve always been inspired by things outside of the gardening world, mostly art, architecture and geometry, all bring ideas at the outset of starting concept plans and it’s always on plan in my mind.

Lately though I’ve begun thinking about elevations and views in that early stage when ideas come at me as if out of a tunnel. It’s of interest to me and I suspect it’s a semiconscious thing that I am forcing myself to think about as part of the learning curve of professional experience.  Designing a show garden at Chelsea is quite unlike working in any domestic setting.  Rarely do I have to attempt to disguise or woo the eye away from every single item beyond the garden boundary as you do with a show garden and it’s this discipline that i’m trying to secure and keep with me now that job is over.

Grabbing ideas from space as if it’s a solid thing that exists for us to walk into is a theory I’m fond of.  It allows little room for the ego – ” How great am I for having this wonderful concept? ” and instead suggests that ideas are there for the taking, available to whoever wishes to find them and bring them to life. If i’m only just discovering the ideas and images of elevations after years of scouring through ideas on plan I wonder what other plain or dimension i’ve yet to discover ?  Ideas coming completely through the sense of touch or ideas built solely around colour.  So much to look forward to!