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3 Weeks Until the Chelsea Flower Show.

The past couple of weeks have been intense in the extreme. Time has raced away and so much has been achieved but it has taken right up to the 11th hour. Not good for the mind or body.

Plants have been checked, numbers doubted and my fears of having too few plants to work with skyrocket out of control.  I’ve worked on the surfaces of the ‘magic carpet’ feature in the garden for days on end loosing all sense of objectivity and being unable to know whether it looks amazing or awful!  On top of that lists  have been written about things to take, work to be completed in my absence and delivery schedules for the 4 arctic loads we have coming from Cornwall to SW3.

In the end one has to say enough.  If its not done now it will never be done and we’ll just get on with it regardless.

One wonderful gift has been the surprise in seeing the garden plants appear in the hedgerows around me and that has reminded me of the initial impulse.  The need to capture a moment before Summer when everything is full of promise and unfolding for the first time.  The precious, intimate feeling of witnessing something magical and if I can hold on to that sensation for the next 20 days we just might create something special.IMG_2425 IMG_2423 IMG_2431