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Not being afraid.

I recently attended the opening of a garden and house lovingly created by an architect and garden designer who I was introduced to this Summer. The designer had invited to lunch people from within the industry as well as garden lovers to enjoy the late Autumn sunshine and some lovely food to boot.  During discussions about the benefits of front gardens we were all congratulating the designer for his decision to plant the front of the victorian town house rather than turn it into a car park.  Clearly there are huge merits ecologically in favour of this and we chatted about the benefits to community harmony and well being that a shared garden can bring, however the thing that impressed me most was the comments made by an older lady who, promoted by my question about the effect on people who step from the roadside through the garden to the front door, responded by talking about the changes plants can bring about on the soul, changing our heartbeat and our brain activity.

I loved this and felt buoyed by this persons confidence in touching on things that I feel strongly about but wouldn’t have the courage to share with strangers for fear of seeming either pretentious or away with the fairies.

This made me realise how restricted I can be an inner resistance at revealing my true self.

Yes to emotion, yes to touching the soul and yes to standing tall and sharing our inner thoughts with conviction.  Our work is made all the more exciting by the passion we feel for it and I for one am no longer going to feel shy about it!images